Would You be a Remote Worker to Earn Money For Debt Settlement?

Working remotely has become a fact of life in America. According to a Census report released recently some 13.4 million people or 9.4% of all U.S. employees work from home at least one day per week. This is up from 7% or 9.2 million people in 1997. And it’s thought that by 2020, nearly half of all US employees could be working remotely.

If you’re interested in raising money for debt settlement, you should consider becoming a remote worker. Some remote or telecommuting jobs are full-time, but it’s also possible to find ones where you can work part-time or even have a flexible work schedule.

If you’ve never worked off-site, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of remote work as it’s not for everybody.

The pros

Remote workers don’t have to commute. If you become a remote worker you can kiss that commute goodbye, which will save you both time and money. Plus, you’ll be doing a good thing for the environment.

Working out of your home eliminates those noisy conversations and other distractions that come with working in an office. You would have more uninterrupted spans of time to think or to focus on detail work.

There is a big plus to not having to “get ready” and dressed to go to the office. Some people spend almost an hour every morning just getting cleaned up and made up. Eliminating this translates into the valuable time you could use for something personal or professional.

You will probably have more flexibility, which translates into more time for your family. We know of one work-at-home mom who is just out-of-pocket from 3 PM to 4 PM when she drives her kids to school and sports. That’s an hour she can easily make up at other times.

You may be able to tailor your work schedule to fit those times of the day when you’re most productive. Everyone isn’t productive at the same times of the day. If you’re a morning person or night owl, working remotely could mean working at those times when you are at your peak.

It’s likely you’ll have less face-to-face time with your manager and your coworkers. This can mean that when you do have meetings, time will be used more efficiently. Some of your meetings may even be via the telephone or computer, which can be a real benefit if you’re a bit of an introvert

The cons

Wouldn’t it be great if there were no downsides to working remotely? Unfortunately, downsides do exist.

For one thing, you may not receive a lot of feedback and there may not be much brainstorming. Working remotely can sometimes feel like working in a vacuum. If you need to train someone who’s new in your field, you may find it harder to mentor them.

Sometimes, there is just no substitute for face-to-face interaction. Working remotely can make that difficult, or in some cases, flatly impossible. If you’re in an office and need to ask your manager an important question, all you may need to do is get up and walk to her or his office. When you’re working remotely, you might not be able to reach your manager for several hours or even a day.

Working remotely puts you at the mercy of technology. Your Internet access could go down at a critical time, or you could lose access to servers. You may be constantly required to master new practices and software, which may be complex and difficult to use.

You may be faced with serious issues such as protecting your company’s databases and intellectual property. Worse, yet if your employer hasn’t gone paperless you may have a tough time accessing the information you need to do your job.

You may lose the feeling of being part of a team. Meetings held remotely simply aren’t the same as meetings held in person. You may not have a sense of common purpose, and you may find it harder to establish a good working relationship with a remote team than an in-person one.

You may run into problems of communication, or worse, yet miscommunication that leads to problems and errors. One of your team members could become confused over an assignment and leave you holding the bag.

Finally, some remote workers fall victim to burnout. You may be always on call or never really away from your job. You may find you have less downtime and end up overworking. The difference is that employees that work in an office may stay late, but once they go home, they’re home. For you, home is always your workplace.

In conclusion

Working remotely can be great – helping you earn money for debt settlement. Or it can turn into a living nightmare, as it’s just not for everybody. Make sure to consider the pros and cons you’ve read in this article before signing up to be a remote worker.

10 Offbeat Ways to Earn Money for Debt Negotiation

Debt settlement through negotiation is a very accepted way to get out of debt. The way it works is relatively simple. You contact a lender and offer to settle your debt by sending a lump sum payment for maybe 50% of your balance. If the lender accepts your settlement offer it will then treat the debt as paid in full – at least so far as you’re concerned. Of course, for this to work you must have the cash available to make that lump sum payment. For example, you might be able to settle a $4000 credit card debt for $2000 but this means you would need to have the $2000 in cash ready to send your lender either by wire transfer or certified check. Assuming you don’t have cash just lying around to send your lenders, where would you get the money? You could earn it working just part-time and by using some or all of these 10 offbeat suggestions.

1. Share your car

If you have a car and some spare time you could sign up to drive with Uber or Lyft. these two ride-sharing companies have become incredibly popular in most metro areas and for good reason. It offers a way for riders to get transportation at less cost than taking a taxi and for the people who drive to earn extra money. Driving for one of these companies is also very flexible as you can literally choose your own days and hours.

2. Rent out your car when you’re away

The company FlightCar says it service is better even than free airport parking. Why is this the case? It’s because the company will rent out your car while you’re on your trip and then pass most of the earnings on to you.

3. Have your car wrapped

When you sign up with the company Wrapify it will cover your car with a giant advertisement and you will then earn money based on how much you drive. If you live in a popular metro area and drive a lot, you can earn $50-$100 a week – just for making trips you would have made anyway.

4. Create and sell your own T-shirt designs

With the company Teespring you create your own cool T-shirt designs and then market them to friends, family members and relevant audiences. Your earnings are the spread between the cost of the T-shirts from Teespring and whatever you can sell them for. One of the best things about working with this company is that if your campaign does not hit a minimum critical mass of orders (that you sell) the shirts won’t be printed and you won’t be charged anything.

5. Rent your car when It’s just sitting around

Here’s yet another way to earn money without having to really do much of anything. The company Turo does what’s called peer-to-peer car rentals. This is an idea you might consider if your car sits idle a lot of the time. Newer and nicer cars in popular destination cities earn the most but even if you don’t live in a destination city you might be able to earn some extra dollars using Turo.

6. Show off your city to visitors

Vayable is where you serve as a tour guide and show off your city to visitors. If you enjoy meeting new people, have a passion for your city and had always thought you would make a good tour guide here’s your opportunity. As an example of hosted Vayable tours there’s one in San Francisco hosted by a woman named Freda called “Bike Wine Country” for $109 and an “Historic House Boat” tour with a woman named Victoria for $66. Could you offer visitors a unique experience in your city? If so, Vayable could be a fun way to earn extra money.

7. Sell your arts and crafts creations

The website etsy.com is easily the largest and most popular marketplace for handmade items. If you have an artsy and crafty side, you could create things and then put them on Etsy where they would be seen by the website’s thousands of prospective buyers. And if your items are truly unique one-of-a kinds you could price them accordingly and make some really big bucks.

8. Sell your expertise

If you’re an expert in some subject matter why not let the Expert Institute connect you with corporations and attorneys that will happily pay for your opinions and analyses.

9. Be a coach

If there are topics your qualified to help with you could sign up with PopExpert and provide one-on-one coaching and advice. This platform appears to specialize in mindfulness, wellness and health but it does offer experts in other fields as well. You get to set your own rates and can actually do virtual sessions from your office or your home and at your convenience.

10. Share your “Kit”

With the website Kit you create just that – a Kit with all the essentials that you would bring on, say, a business trip. You then create affiliate links where people could buy the products on Amazon. You would then earn money every time someone purchases a product you had recommended. In addition to creating a Kit for a business trip you could make up one for a beach vacation, a camping trip or a trip to a mountain resort.

6 Proven Ways To Earn Money For Debt Settlement

Debt settlement has become a very popular way to get debts under control and paid off. This is due mostly to the fact that it’s the only way to get debts reduced. The other options for managing debt such as a debt consolidation loan, a balance transfer and consumer credit counseling are also good ways to manage debt but they have one negative in common. They can’t do anything to reduce the amount of money you owe. In comparison, if you choose debt settlement – whether you do it yourself or hire a settlement company you should be able to get your debts reduced by 50% or better.

It’s no get-out-of-debt-free card

While debt settlement could get your debts reduced it’s not free. You still have to have the money to pay for your settlements. As an example of this let’s suppose you owe $20,000. If you could settle those debts for fifty cents on the dollar you would still need to have $10,000 available. Debt settlement companies generally charge a percentage of your debt so using one of these companies could cost you 20% or $4000, plus the $10,000 you would need for debt settlement. While this might seem a bit steep consider that you would still save $6000 versus paying off the full $20,000, plus whatever amount of interest accrued while you were in the process of settling them.

So where would you get the money for your settlements? Here are six tried and true options.

Get a gig

In our current sharing economy it should be very easy for you to find a gig. One of the most popular of these is driving for Lyft or Uber. This gig can pay relatively well and comes with the added advantage of allowing you to work when and if you want. Other lucrative part-time gigs include pet sitting, teaching a musical instrument, tutoring students, being a virtual assistant, creating websites and Internet marketing. We actually saw one Craigslist posting for naked sushi models, which isn’t a gig we would recommend but, who knows, it might work for some people.

Find a part-time job

A second option for earning money for debt settlement is to get a part-time job. If you have the requisite skills you could do computer programming, marketing consulting, accounting or work as a dental hygienist or physical therapist. If you don’t have these kinds of skills you could get a job in food service or retail sales. These jobs normally pay only $8 to $10 an hour but if you were able to work 20 hours a week you could end up netting around $2400 a month, which could go a long way towards helping you settle your debts.

Sell on Etsy

This website has become incredibly popular. In fact it now has more than 30 million members. What makes Etsy different from eBay is that it specializes in arts & crafts and nostalgia items. If you can knit, crochet, draw, paint, woodwork, sculpt or create something else with your hands you could do well selling on Etsy. Plus, it considers anything from the 50s or even the 60s as nostalgia items. So those Hot Wheel cars sitting around in your basement gathering dust could actually make you a fair amount of money. Etsy also offers the option of selling products individually or setting up a store.

Do yard sales and EBay

Thousands of people have made literally millions of dollars finding things at yard and estate sales and selling them on eBay. That old cliché “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is no more true than on eBay. You could spend several hours over weekends finding stuff for $20 or $30, put it on eBay Monday and have several hundred dollars in your pocket by the end of the week. Of course, sometimes one man’s trash is just another man’s trash. It’s best to spend some time on eBay looking at what’s available and what it sold for before you rush out and start buying things. The secret here is to find an item then go to “Show only” and check the box for “Completed Listings”. That way you’ll know what items sold for and how to price your stuff. And you should specialize in certain areas or you might make yourself crazy buying dozens of different things and then spending hours trying to determine what to sell them for.

Create an Amazon store

Amazon makes it just brain-dead simple to create a store. You could create one and sell anything from smart watches to women’s apparel and earn extra. But spoiler alert – you need to find ways to get traffic to your store. An easy way to do this is by buying ads from Google but this can get pricey. Alternately, you could create a Facebook store and buy Facebook ads, which can be very tightly focused and, thus, cost less.

Drive a school bus

Driving a school bus for your local school district could earn you as much is $21,000 a year and generally requires only two runs – one to pick up the kids in the morning and a second to get them home. Since schools generally start before 8 AM you might still have time to get to a job at 8:30 AM or 9 AM. However, you would need to pick up the kids around 3 PM, which could be a problem. We know of women who split the job with one picking up the kids in the morning and the other taking them home. An added advantage of this is that school’s out in the summer giving you plenty of flexibility in scheduling that summer vaca.